Sometimes I find myself with so many interests, hobbies and projects in the works that I can hardly decide which to focus on first. It’s fun to have multiple interests and things I can go to at any time to fill my creative need. And that need is loud and ravenous! Creativity is part of my blood.

But can you have too many hobbies? Is it better to have one or two main ones that you put your focus on and therefore gain the most satisfaction? For instance, one of my hobbies is growing and learning about orchids. I have many plants, and several great books that go into considerable depth on the subjects of growing, propagating, breeding hybrids, PH balance of water, light spectrum, etc. and I could completely immerse myself in all that if I devoted the time. But I haven’t read the books cover to cover, and I don’t attend every orchid show in the area, and I haven’t joined the American Orchid Society (yes, that exists). There are just so many other things that call to me as well! But if I threw myself into that hobby, would it result in more personal satisfaction because I would essentially become a subject matter expert in that area?

How do you treat your hobbies? Do you prefer to focus your interests like a laser, or do whatever is calling to you that hour, day or week?

dancing lady

My ‘Dancing Lady’ Orchid