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It’s that unique time between Christmas and New Years that never fails to feel like a no-(wo)mans-land of aimless mental wandering. Many of us take time off work and have free time to do random things that make us happy. It also provides time to think and reflect. Maybe TOO much time.

This week has me questioning things like a Tasmanian devil with ADD: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR CAREER? What is the next step? Do you need to change? WHY AREN’T YOU READING MORE BOOKS??!! When are you going to get on those projects around the house you have been putting off? STOP EATING THOSE CHRISTMAS SWEETS! What do I want my legacy to be? Why do I own so many swimsuits when I live in Colorado? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF (MY) LIFE?!

Sigh. Calm down, Tas.

This reflection time is a blessing and a curse for me. I can get too ‘in my head’ and start worrying needlessly about things. But I also become very creative and accomplish new and fun things. And I enjoy the time to forget about work and focus on the most important things in my life: love, family, friends.

Does anyone else feel  this way during this last week of December? Are you wandering around the house trying to find the motivation to organize that closet? Are you wondering what the heck to do in 2016 that will be lasting? Are you at work, but are instead researching your next beach vacation?

Let me know so I don’t feel like I’m on an island. An island laden with Christmas sweets, unread books, and a LinkedIn profile begging to be updated . . .