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Today was a feel-good day for me. I took my USB stick to Kinkos and had the draft of my novel printed out so that I can pass it onto my Beta reader this week. I was so excited that I think the people in Kinkos thought I was manic. I might have grinned a lot. Maybe giggled. This is just finally becoming more real.

I finished my round of heavy editing by my self-imposed deadline: before my wrist surgery. Literally, right before my surgery. Like, 11:30pm the night before 🙂 But I got it done. Now I can rest and recover while my Beta reads it over and edits.

Draft ManuscriptHowever, there is one major dilemma that has been bothering me: the title. The title is, as you see in the photo at left, Grey. I started this book many years ago (too many years to state, it’s embarrassing) and I always loved the name Grey as a first name for a man. So that is my main character’s name, but it also has a double meaning that ties directly to the plot: it stands for the gray area between life and death.

But then came along 50 Shades of YOU KNOW WHAT and now I’m questioning if this title is not wise to have anymore. Will it have negative connotations? Will people initially think it has something to do with that series? Or am I over thinking this and it’s not a big deal?

Would love your thoughts on this, dear blog readers.