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Need a punch of cuteness? Well here’s a black bear cub fresh from the den. BAM! You’re welcome.


Last week I visited The Wild Animal Sanctuary which is out East of Denver. The thing about this place is, it brings you closer to animals not in a physical way (the photo above was taken with my camera lens at 300mm), but in a spiritual and big-picture kind of way. And it takes you further away from your fellow humans. When you read and hear the back stories that go with these animals, you are absolutely appalled. Because each of them came from awful situations that were caused by humans. It makes you shake your head. It makes you angry. It makes you ashamed.

And when you hear that there are more tigers in captivity (some zoos, mostly private ownership) than there are living in the wild . . . it makes you want to cry.

I won’t get on my soapbox too much, but my message today is: please support local wild animal sanctuaries. They have rescued animals from deplorable conditions, and you can know you are contributing to correcting a wrongdoing by our species.

A few more photos from my visit:





Grizzley Bear free to roam

Black bears

Mama with two cubs

African Lions


Black Bear

Black Bear contemplating next move after coming out of long sleep

Bengal Tiger