1. Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn has some kind of addictive narcotic in it.
  2. Trying to ‘make one trip’ from upstairs to downstairs with a cup of water, books, pens, a pair of heels, and an iPhone all tucked into your hands, biceps and armpits, will NOT end well.
  3. Earwigs are evil.
  4. Technology is simultaneously engaging and disengaging our youth.
  5. Our dog knowingly waits until we lean down to pet and kiss her, to burp directly in our faces.
  6. Billy Ray Cyrus cries himself to sleep every night.
  7. One small act of kindness can have a ten-fold effect.
  8. No one ‘kind of’ likes bleu cheese dressing. You either love it, or you gag quietly at the sight of it.
  9. Mean people are mean because are sad inside.
  10. Accepting a shot of tequila is like shaking hands with a hangover.

What things do YOU know for sure?