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When I realized today is Friday the 13th, I admit that I got a little smile on my face like I was back in 5th grade and kids would get freaked out by the date and talk about it all day. I actually thought, maybe I should watch a scary movie tonight! That got me thinking about how people generally love horror movies, or hate them. You usually get that reaction when you ask someone. It’s one way or the other. And of course, there are different types of scary movies and people have their opinions on that. Some people like campy, some like slasher and gore, and some – like me – like psychological thrillers. But it seems that people will either go out of their way to watch them, or to never let one play in front of them.

I wonder what shapes this? Why do I feel excited and giddy at the thought of watching a new scary movie in the theater and being scared out of my wits? Why do we scream at a scary part, then laugh nervously after, feeling silly yet exhilarated. There is an adrenaline rush that comes with being scared, so there is obviously that draw. It gets your endorphins flowing and is a proven aphrodisiac. So why do some people shake their head emphatically NO when you ask them if they like scary movies? Is it because they watched a really scary movie at too young of an age and it colored them for life and they don’t want to feel how they felt that time? Or maybe it’s just something inherent in their personality. They don’t feel the rush of excitement related to fear. But it doesn’t really make sense for me personally because I’m not a risk taker, adrenaline junkie or anything like that. But I do love a good scary movie. So who knows – maybe it’s just based on your personality, not past experiences.

So Happy Friday the 13th everyone! May your day be accident free, curse free, but maybe just a tad scary 🙂