I recently started watching Mad Men. And like a good little NetFlix-er, I started from the beginning with the first season.
First of all – freakin, frackin, LOVE it.

Second, it has me thinking about the workplace and how far women have come in their careers, earning respect, and creating equality. But the series stands out SO much from today’s standards (obviously) that it makes me wonder if we are getting close to the end of the spectrum. We have men calling women ‘sweetheart’ and ‘honey’ in Mad Men; treating them as if they don’t have a brain in their head, as if the ONLY job they could ever do was a secretary job. Christmas was called Christmas, parties were called parties, people said off-color things and everything was okay the next day at work. There were fist-fights in the office, and it was probably sometimes the best way to handle a disagreement.

Now things are the opposite. And with GOOD reason on most issues. But the hyper-politically correct society we live in starts to bother me sometimes. We are ever so easily offended. We must watch our words in the office, our beliefs, our opinions, lest we hurt someone’s feelings. Christmas in the office becomes a ‘Holiday’ or just a ‘Get Together’. I’m not saying I don’t understand the reasoning for why we are the way we are now, but are we going just a bit too far? Mad Men standards were too loose, now we might be too tight. Is there a middle ground? Was it the 80’s?

What will the workplace be like in 20 years?