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I came across this ad in a local magazine the other day and it made me stop and read it carefully. Not because of the visually stimulating images, but because of the messaging.
The copy reads:

Dad’s Guide to Cooking:
Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Pancakes
Dinner: Pancakes

At least Dads have good financial Advice.

So this is how the media is still portraying the American Dad in 2010? As the helpless half of the parenting team when the Mom is not around? The parent who can’t cook and resorts to frozen pizza when Mom is at a late meeting? I guess I’m just surprised to see an ad like this. I personally have a Dad in my life who is the opposite of all of the stereotypes, and I know other men that do just as much for their kids as the Mom does. I think they are becoming the norm, not remaining the joke of the parenting world.
Anyone else find the message in this ad outdated? Or are there still plenty of Dad’s out there that fit this bill?