I recently read that the Top 3 Most Recognized American Advertising Icons were the Marlboro Man, Ronald McDonald, and the Jolly Green Giant. Ahh, sit down to a Big Mac, green beans, and have a cigarette why don’t cha. Who/What do you think of when you picture your favorite products growing up? Of course you know I’m going to say – where is Tony the Tiger in that list? 🙂
Who were/are the creepy product mascots that did the exact opposite of their job (made you never want to go near that product)? I have one word for you: Mucinex. I don’t need to see shiny, blobby, animated mucus-people with clothing to understand that your product clears the nose.
Who were/are the most effective product mascots? I am a sucker for the Coca-Cola polar bears and seals. Always makes me think of an icy cold Coke.
Tell me the ones from the past you remember, and the current ones you like/dislike!