You know those authors whose books you will buy the instant they come out with a new release? You don’t even really need to read the book synopsis – you just KNOW it will be good and you buy it without thinking twice. That recently happened to me when Borders notified me that Tami Hoag had a new release called Heart of Gold. I needed some new books in rotation so I bought it, along with others, on Amazon (sorry Borders, Amazon won out). Once I got the book and started reading it I saw the author’s note about how she loved these characters, . . . . when she first created them 20 years ago. I looked at copyright and sure enough, it was 1990. I felt duped. Not that I would have minded reading a book of hers that I hadn’t already, but in the 90’s she mostly did cheesy romances – stuff I enjoyed back in college. Later she moved into mystery and thrillers (with a little bit of sexiness on the side) and those are the books of hers I enjoy today. So when I dove into Heart of Gold and found it’s nothing more than a pile of cliches about lust and perfect biceps, I was very disappointed. I know, I know, I should have read ALL of the information about it on Amazon before I bought it. But I feel like it should have been more apparent that it was a re-release. I’ll finish the book. I’ll muddle through the unrealistic scenes of a typical bad romance novel, and feel gypped when done. But I’ll know next time that all ‘new’ releases may not be as new as they appear!